Youth Sports Programing

Our Youth sports programs run throughout the year on monthly bases. Please check our current program guide for additional details about offerings.

For further information regards to youth sports, please contact Membership Services.

Skills & Drills Basketball Program will start their 4 sessions at the beginning of each month.  This is for anyone child between the age of 5-12 who is looking to learn the game of basketball, work on individual skills, work through drills with these newly learned skills and more.  This is a program meeting weekly 1x per week.  Fee is $35 for Members/ $ 50 for Non-Members.

En-Garde! Our 8-week fencing class will work on basic footwork and the rules of the sport over 8 classes. The cost will include the proper protective equipment needed for your child. Children will also learn about our YMCA core values: Honesty, Caring, Responsibility, and Respect.

**Price of program includes equipment rental EXCEPT FOR chest and groin protection which must be purchased by the participant. **

Program Runs:
Beginners – Wednesdays 6PM-7PM

Members $70
Non-members $85

Frequently Ask Questions for Fencing

Is there anything that I will need to buy?
Yes. All athletes will need to purchase a plastron/underarm protector. Females will need a plastic chest protector.
Males are encouraged to also purchase a chest protector and a male cup. These items are to provide addition protection above YMCA provided equipment. These items can be kept in the YMCA provided fencing bag stored on site if you would prefer not to transport to and from YMCA on practice days. The following online vendors have these items for purchase. Please have them for week three of session to be allowed to start bladework.,,,

Will equipment be shared between athletes and how will it be cleaned?
No. We have enough equipment; masks, gloves, jackets, and foils that each participant will be assigned their own
sets for the duration of the eight week session. Each piece will be labeled with the fencer’s name and kept in a fencing
bag also marked per athlete to be used solely by that individual. At the end of each class, all equipment will be sprayed
with a disinfectant prior to storage in fencing bag. Jackets and gloves will be washed on a weekly basis.

What do I need to bring/wear?
Comfortable shorts/pants and closed toe athletic shoes. I personally like wearing baseball/softball pants which
has a slightly thicker material while still allowing for full range of motion. Any medium thickness legwear that allows for
ease of movement is acceptable. Please arrive already in your workout clothes as the YMCA locker rooms are not currently
in use. A single stall restroom is available for bathroom needs. A water bottle is also needed. Your athlete will be running
back and forth clothed in multiple layers of protective gear. 

Will parents be able to stay and watch?
No and yes. United States Fencing Association is recommending no spectators to practices at this time. Being in
the gym while we are fencing is a safety concern due to not wearing protective clothing while participants are using

For more information contact the Y at 570-421-2525 ext 137

 Building confidence, improved concentration, physical fitness, and a work ethic are a few of the things you can expect from this program. This class features traditional Japanese Koei-Kan Karate-Do techniques such as basic blocks, kicks, strikes, and punches.

Saturdays Ages 5 & up


8 Week Session Fees:

Member $35

Non-members $50

Learn the Art of Boxing from an Elite Trainer who has traveled the globe fighting and mentoring the next generation of boxers. 8 Classes Session for $50 Members & $70 Nonmembers. Boxers will need to bring gloves, wrap, and mouthpieces.